Deliberations of a broken leg 4

Deliberations of a broken leg 4

It is finally here the much anticipated fourth installment of this series. I have two or three posts rattlin’ around inside the cavity that sits on top of my shoulders. One is more or less written another is partly there – believe it or not the first is a tale of suffering that has a happy ending in so far as anything in this world can be said to have an ending – the other is still rattlin’ around so I have decided to do it first in case it leaks out of one or other hole and is lost forever.

Today we are going to pick up on a theme that has been, if you have been paying attention, implicit in some of the posts to date. In the last post I mentioned what is in the popular parlance known as cancel culture. I realise that some SCAPS insist that there is no such thing and that it is a ‘far right’ invention, but as far as I a concerned it is a phenomena that actually exists and that the view that it a ‘far right’ invention is a symptom of the wider problem or conjuncture in which it exists. It manifests itself in the first place as I have said is that in statements such as “Watts was CIA and an alcoholic“ or Assange is “a rapist” which are used to discredit and deny that anything else the said person has done is of no value and should be ignored and not taken seriously. We will return to this shortly. The second aspect of this phenomena that interests me here at the moment is the way that it is tied up with the general dilemma of how to understand the relevance of the traditional left/right political divide that has been a part of political thought for millenia and with which many of us grew up within. Hardt and Negri once wrote that what we needed was a new language of communism, a position which i have a lot of sympathy with. But the way that some of the language associated with this idea has developed I don’t think have served the purposes for which we had hoped. It has become another aspect of what we might call the common that has come back to us – as Agamben said in a book which shares with the Dao De Jing a sense of the poetic – inverted.

Today, in the era of the complete triumph of the spectacle, what can be reaped from the heritage of Debord? It is clear that the spectacle is language, the very communicativity or linguistic being of humans. This means that a fuller Marxian analysis should deal with the fact that capitalism (or any other name one wants to give the process that today, dominates world history) was directed not only toward the expropriation of productive activity, but also and principally toward the alienation of language itself, of the very linguistic and communicative nature of humans, of that logos which one of Heraclitus’s fragments identified as the Common. The extreme form of this expropriation of the Common is the spectacle, that is, the politics we live in. But this also means that in the spectacle our own linguistic nature comes back to us inverted. This is why (precisely because what is being expropriated is the very possibility of a common good) the violence of the spectacle is so destructive; but for the same reason the spectacle retains something like a positive possibility that can be used against it.

Giorgio Agamben, The coming community.

Michael Hudson published an interesting article this week which picks up the need for a new language from another perspective. He states and I agree with him wholeheartedly: “There are no “left-wing” parties in the traditional meaning of the political left“.

The former left parties have joined the centrists, becoming pro-U.S. neoliberals. There is no counterpart on the old left to the new nationalist parties, except for Sara Wagenknecht’s party in East Germany. The “left” no longer exists in the way that it did when I was growing up in the 1950s.

Today’s Social Democratic and Labor parties are neither socialist nor pro-labor, but pro-austerity. The British Labour Party and German Social Democrats are no longer even anti-war, but support the wars against Russia and Palestinians, and have put their faith in neoliberal Thatcherite/Blairite Reaganomics and an economic break from Russia and China. …

[There policies are] not really conservative or centrist. It is hard-right austerity, squeezing labor and government spending that the left-wing parties supported long ago. …

What is called the “far right” is supporting (at least in campaign rhetoric) policies that used to be called “left,” opposing war and improving the economic conditions of domestic labor and farmers – but not those of immigrants. And as was the case with the old left, the right’s main supporters are the younger voters. After all, they are bearing the brunt of falling real wages … They see that their path to upward mobility is no longer what it was for their parents (or grandparents) …

The old division between right and left parties has become meaningless. The recent rise in parties described as “far right” reflects the widespread popular opposition to the US/NATO support of Ukraine against Russia, and especially to the consequences for European economies of that support. Traditionally, anti-war policies have been left-wing, but Europe’s “center-left” parties are following America’s pro-war “leadership from behind” (and often under the table). This is presented as an internationalist stance, but it has become unipolar and U.S.-centered. European countries have no independent voice.

michael hudson The Need for a New Political Vocabulary

Hudson is not the first to articulate this Bill Mitchell for example expressed it well in his co authored book Reclaiming the State. Hudson is succinct and to the point and placing the issue in the context of ‘current affairs’. All of this above bring us to that phrase I just used.

Current Affairs

The most pressing current affair facing the earth at the present time must be peace. Believe it or not, the planet is being driven towards the brink of WW3. Leaders of the ‘international community’ – that is the minority West and its followers – are providing the fuel to inflame the situation whether it is in Palestine of in the Russian speaking Donbass. The Palestinian war is heading towards its eight decade. The Ukrainian civil war has reached its tenth year. Both have the potential to draw the world into much more frightening and wider conflicts. The failure to end these conflicts appears to be more an more opposed openly or underhandedly by this minority that names itself the ‘international community’. Remember the Dao: the ‘international community’ that calls itself the ‘international community’ is not the International Community.

This last week or so a statesman/person has emerged in Europe. A sole figure of reason has stood up and been roundly condemned by his counterparts of the ‘extreme centre‘ of the European Union. He comes in the figure of someone labelled as being a leader of the ‘extreme right’ in Europe, an ally on the issue on which he speaks of both the ‘rights’ Le Pen and the ‘lefts’ Melenchon in France. He is of course Hungary’s Vicktor Orban, a Prime Minister that one of my Hungarian friends described as a ‘cunt who understands foreign policy’. The following video was sent to me and was described as an interesting study of how to respond to an indoctrinated interrogator. It should be watched. For here the ‘far right’ Orban comes across as an internationalist member of the old left advocating, with all the skill of an experienced mediator that thing called PEACE.

Why is it that the so called ‘far right’ gains support? Whether in Europe, the US or Australia for example? I think it’s clear why. In, for example, Europe’s neoliberal Empire the people that give it support are the people left behind and deserted. As Michael Hudson is quoted as saying above “the ‘far right’ is supporting (at least in campaign rhetoric) policies that used to be called ‘left’. Whether they are the ‘far right’ or not I don’t really know. From my perspective you can’t get much further to the right than the unelected clique that governs Europe today: two of whom are direct descendents of he worst kinds of NAZIs for what that’s worth. Orban is labelled the far right. But he’s the only statesman in Europe currently standing up and calling spade a spade. The only one trying to stop the slide to WW3. So pray tell someone please explain the left/right divide in ‘democratic’ politics to me today?

In respect of what we can call cancel culture increasingly there are things we need to put to one side, in order to achieve other things, that might avoid a greater catastrophe for us all. Orban statesman like actions are a lesson as to why we should always oppose ‘cancel culture’. Nothing and no one is completely good or bad. I think we are in the midst of a great realignment of the planets of ideology in a sense. The old received wisdoms aren’t proving to be much use anymore. Who are the right? What is the left? What do they and others really represent and stand for seems to have been all thrown into the great washing machine and we need to keep open minds to find our way through it without descending into further chaos. Look at the great left victory in France, one of its leaders, Glucksmann, is an Atlantacist who apparently stands firm with the likes of Blinken and Ursula on foreign policy, the other, Melenchon, speaks tfor a peace and if he is honest must end up standing with Orban on that same question.

In another world

One of my qi gong acquaintances this week recommended a few books to me and oddly enough they have thrown this cancel culture discussion to me in another light. Maybe I have as a friend told me a refined sense of reasonable doubt, or in the words of the Clash a well functioning ‘bullshit detector’. The book was a translation of a book of lectures by a Chinese practitioner Geu Guolong on Taoist Inner Alchemy: Master Huang Yauanji’s Guide to the Way of Meditation. It is translated by a young citizen of the United States, Mattias Daly, who was said to be ‘very good’ and who had some videos on youtube about qi/nei gong/dan that I much watch. Enthusiastically I took the advice not expecting that this would be a test of the some of the issues I have been discussing above. On searching the first video I found I will discuss a little below, but after mentioning it to my friend, he said I must be ‘easily triggered’ and should probably do some meditation to deal with this problem of mine. I will forgive him for this remark, because I am a forgiving guy, but fuck me, my bullshit detecting quickly went into overdrive as the video commenced. As a result I have only been able to bring myself to read the introduction and that was only for the purposes of this post.

Searching further after the video below I found some more of Mattias Daly’s non internal martial arts work all of which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of objectivity, sources and well actual substance. This aspect of his work seems to find its home in channels or websites run by some pretty rabid hucksters of the loony ‘anti-communist’ right (and I mean that in the traditional sense of the word; if you’re Australian of a certain age think of these guys as being inhabitants of a land to the loonier side of Bob Santamaria.

Now the childishness and naivety of this video is pretty outstanding. The two Daly and “laowhy86” come across at times as snickering smirking schoolboys making fun of a poor uncool kid at school. But then there is a lot of tht about. I don’t want to bore you all and harp on too much but a few comments and examples should be enough to do the job. Firstly, the initial focus is upon how the evil CPC (kids it is not the CCP) invades the Beijing Medical School campus by putting up posters highlighting and condemning corruption. The video itself is from 2015. The anti-corruption campaign in question was that which followed the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). I ave linked both a wikipedia article and a People’s daily article above in order not to be accused of presenting one said, this way you get both the CPC and CIA edited versions for your reading pleasure. There are some more links here:from the People’s Daily report:

Now Daly and his interviewer bemoan this horrible political interference in the university campus. How dare the CPC bring politics and engage in public shaming of those accused of corruption. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that public shaming takes place in the West against anybody accused or found guilty of corruption! Whether you love him or hate him isn’t that exactly what has been happening in Trump’s case for the last decade? But of course he is from the ‘far right’ unlike that poor Russian businessman who died in Putin’s Gulag, he was one us, a supporter of liberal democracy! But seriously boys! If you are interested in how corruption is viewed in China I can recommend the series People’s Property. I know its Chinese propaganda, but then, wtf is Netflix if not Western propaganda of the highest degree! 靳东 or Jin Dong is a really great actor in this and in other shows such as The Disguiser (set in Shanghai during the Japanese Occupation) which I also recommend.

The frightening thing that Daly and his mate expose in their interview is that Bad China uses its higher education programs to engage in soft power. OMG! as the kids say. Of course Australia and the United States does nothing of the sort, especially when they give scholarships to kids from places like Timor-Leste to go study in those countries. Really guys it is just pathetic. Worse still we are told is that in Chinese universities thought education is controlled by textbooks and journals. Now any one who has worked ina Western University over the last 20 years or socan tell you how the journals that you publish in as an academic are inextricably linked to your ‘performance’ reviews and funding. Many a time I was given sage advice by a psychopath dean or another that if I really wanted to get o as an academic I should focus on writing on specified topics in journals sanctioned by university management as being ‘credible’ or worthy. Later in the video – I promise this is the last thing I will mention about it – we are told Xi Jinping is instigating a new Cultural Revolution . The same Xi Jinping who lost his father to the very same thing. Hmmm.

It goes on and on, two snickering kids talking shit. And I thought am I meant to take this guy seriously? To be honest I have found it hard to separate his role as a translator from this nonsense. But it got worse. I am not going to dissect the rest of this nonsense, i just wanted to give you a taste of it here, but I then found an article by Matias entitled Life in China during the Uyghur genocide, oh dear I thought. This one has some gems in it about racism in China, sure it exists like everywhere, but Matias is lucky because he learnt growing up in America how to instantly identify racism. Of course that doesn’t exist in the US, it is something uncivilised people do (don’t mention the prison population in the US to Mattias please). The so called Uyghur genocide is so well documented that wikipedia cannot even provide one authentic photo of it. Andy Borham has shown this to be so. The Grayzone has a series of articles undermining the Uyghur Genocide story including this one on the evidence that supports the claim. Interestingly that last article refers to various the far-right evangelical ideologues involvement. The article of Mattias is published on a website of a similar vein named Bitter Winter run by a contemporary Italian version of Bob Santamaria called Massimo Introvigne. Bitter Winter says that it Bitter Winter does not take positions on political issues and limits itself to the field of human rights. Introvigne is an apologist for the Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine and pops up as an expert evidence in all sorts of places including as a witness for the Jehovah Witnesses in a child sex case and in defending Scientologists and other cults. Really the things your learn in bed with a broken leg. The world never ceases to astound. But in the end I felt like shouting out “Daly is a CIA huckster”.

Relaxed and Comfortable

To start off a friend of mine appears in this photo. A very old and dear friend. To make it clear this little commentary is not about her. What I didn’t really expect was that my little dig on the photo would release a torrent of abuse. There must be 30 or more comments replying to mine, 99% of which attack me and my mental health amongst other things. All from a bunch of SCAPS at a Radio Birdman concert of all things. A group who back in the day were often criticised for their fascist overtones. Yer Hup! If you don’t know the guy on the left, that is an optical illusion in fact is the Australian Prime Minister who just had a member of his party expelled for standing up and speaking about the Palestinian genocide. You can’t mention these things in either the Australian Parliament or a band room at a Sydney gig. Be warned.

Deliberations of a broken leg

Deliberations of a broken leg

Post Op

Being bedridden on a suitable diet of opioids, Yunnan Baiyou and other goodies can be frustrating when one cannot take it for what it is and cultivate a little acceptance. One method involves flicking between whatsapp, wechat, discord, suckerberg’s fukbuk and some more substantial material like the Dao de Jing, some of Damo Mitchell’s books on nei gong, Kropotkin and a bit of recent Chinese literature. Interleave this with the latest Alexander Mercouris updates on foreverwars, Chinese telenovelas and a steady stream over the last few days of Assange videos and keep one’s system chugging along (I will return to all or some of these in later posts). Social media – one of those great neoliberal oxymorons that subsume our times -provides an outlet to constantly remind the world of your existence and suffering. This results as one wag put it:

“I love this new you
it’s a bit like in the olden turn of the century days, back in the Opium Dens of Lisbon, London and Paris
the brain haze unblock the channels”.

Thus this morning I woke up resolved:

“I’m so impressed with my bedridden little diatribes I think I’m developing some Yunnan Baiyou and tramadol driven haze style. Thinking of having a blog page on my new website”.

I am sure there are many out there that definitely are not amused by this Bolaño-ist activity of crashing into people’s stream of posts like a heroin speed balled soaked disruptive poet. But one who follows the way must follow the way of interfering and intervening in accordance with nature. Floods and cascades serve their natural purpose in a world condemned to touchy feely ‘inclusive’ mediocrity.

Yunnan Baiyao thanks to the PRC Medical Team in Timor-Leste

So hold on as I find my jottings from bed and spew forth in search of your utter disdain or amusement and love. As with the world these egurgitations do not proceed in a linear or consistent fashion. It is up to you or your God to take them and play as you will.

and let the games begin

Wed 26 June 2024 Morning speculation before the release of Julian on the subject of hashtag alboscomo

I’ve been ‘watching’ Australian politics with my usual social distance, disdain and bemusement. The big issue at the moment is the LNP’s desire for nuclear power. There is always a big issue in Australia to make people feel self righteous and content. The ALP are running ‘hard’, not actually, but well ‘hard’ for them, against the crazy LNP plan in the hope I suspect that it will boost their slipping (is slipment a word?) in the polls. They are so flim flamsy that they can’t even stay ahead of the walking dickhead (he really is) Dutton. But if history tells us anything we will eventually see the existing or the new body that is the reigning #alboscomo adopt a ‘reasonable’ (read treasonable) policy based on (corporate/national) objective) reality to introduce a ‘sensible’ and ‘necessary’ implementation of the same plan. But only after they’ve won an election on doing the opposite first. In the meantime people will get ‘passionate’ (worked up) and feel fulfilled with their engagement with politics until it’s necessary or them to see the yellow cake light to preserve their obese Aussie way of life. Good morning. As the song goes ‘This is Australia’ and you’re standing in its shit.

Mother Teresa of Nimbin’s words of wisdom: In Australia not much happens, so there always needs to be a contestable issue thrown to the masses to keep them getting engaged. I fear for the kids and the oldies.

Thursday 27 June 2024 The morning after Julian arrives in the not so lucky cuntry

Thanks to the long bearded blue oyster loving aerial ping pong administrating mate in the red desert for pointing out this interview from the grubby 7.30report. I have detested Intervention Sarah since she played her filthy role in activating the NT Inverntion into Aboriginal communities. When I returned to Australia in 2008 I never thought the 730report could get worse than when the insufferable Leigh Sayles had the Journalistis Interruptis chair. Leigh of course was a world champion of the Journalistis Interruptis form having won numerous gold medals in some drunken Canberra bar. But Intervention Sarah has taken the sport to new heights and must be in line for a berth to Macroon’s Olypmics next month. She is a living example of how low the Australian media species has descended. When the going gets bad in Australia you can always depend on someone out there to make it ‘worstest’ still (the inverted commas are to repel any deadhead saying “he can’t even spell, worstest is not a word”).
In the video here Intervention Sarah harps on about the Russian hacking of the US Democrats without caring or realising that it’s been disproven and debunked even by the US authorities themselves. All of this is drivel driven by that particular brand of faux feminism that loves Killary Klinton despite, or most probably because of, her psychopathic war mongering. If this is incisive Australian journalism all I can say is no matter the country has become so fat and dumb.
Marjorie, you don’t have to agree with everything she says, gives it right back to Intervention Sarah asking are you really a serious journalist! Priceless.

In closing – simply because I need to get on my crutches and get to the dunny – I must tell you that I have been really enjoying Gayoung and Jason Gregory’s youtube meditations on the Dao de Jing. I usually put one on after brekky and Mercouris and lay back and sometimes I admit doze off into lala land (not my niece Lala but a kind of half awake doze; as getting a good consistent and long sleep is not simple right now). I think (for what it’s worth) that to say the DDJ and Lao Tzu advises us not to get involved, discuss or have a view on, for example, politics is a slightly narrow reading of the text and its context. This kind of view is prevalent in the land of McMindfullness and its dodgy packaged ‘spirituality’. It is a kind of hyper individualistic excuse in the end to become simply an entrepreneur of the self in the ‘Society of Competition’ (that is a necessary plug for Martin Hardie’s book). Gayoung and Jason aren’t a part of that praise be to the Lord!

The context of writing the DDJ was in fact a political response to the times, Confucius and feudalism. Lao Tzu was outlining a particular way of acting in the face of that particular politics of the time. In so doing he was in fact undertaking a very political act. But in a particular way. Those who focus upon the Daoist retreat into the mountains to do nothing but sit and meditate ignore that this was itself a necessary move in the face of Confucianism’s attacks. Joseph Needham’s mammoth and highly recommended tomes ‘Science and Civilisation in China‘ are a testament to this. However, of course the DDJ operates on a number of levels, the internal arts, our relationship with nature in all its aspects and how politics and government itself should be carried out. These are all in the end ultimately political acts. Acts which the Dao advises us to do in accordance with the way of nature. Yes, the daily chitter chatter of the media and politicians today is a distraction from the real issues that face us. But the text and its teachings, on one level have to be considered a guide to how to live and act politically. It’s not simply telling us to withdraw and ignore the real and important questions facing civilisation. Like everything reading it, as Gummow J said, is all about ‘text, context and purpose’.

The Big News

Of course the biggest news (I lied about closing above) of the morning is the refereeing farce in the State of Origin game in Melbourne (Rugby League in Melbourne is a farce and blasphemy in itself but more of that another day). NSW forward Liam Martin was sin binned for rubbing a poor Queenslander’s hair, thus messing up his perm in a very unfair manner. Hair rubbing has been a part and parcel of the game for a long, long time. When an opposing player makes an error it is customary and only right that the recipient team gives him or her a nice pat on the head in congratulations. But this is the first time in the history of the planet that a player has been sent from the field for patting another on the head. What a farce indeed.

Head Patting

Good Morning

Obrigadu ba visita!

Up Up Cronulla

C’mon the Blues