Deliberations of a broken leg 2

Let’s start off with the reviews. I must say youse have been a bit slack.

The standout is from a writer that showed me the way around the Vuelta a Espana twenty years ago and is without a doubt not only one of the best sports journalists around but a great writer to boot:

“😂 great literature writes your broken extremity, my god! It sounds a little like Sterne’s Tristram Shandy!”

If you don’t know Tristram Shandy it is (I am just stealing from Wikipedia for now) a novel by Laurence Sterne, inspired by Don Quixote. It was published in nine volumes, the first two appearing in 1759, and seven others following over the next seven years … It purports to be a biography of the eponymous character. Its style is marked by digression, double entendre, and graphic devices.

Now that’s both inspiration and a complement all at once!

Today’s deliberations are going to take the customary (can you say customary when it’s only the second time, if not treat that as a prediction or possibly predilection) turn to what passes for so-called politics in the world then move on to more important and meatier matters. Last Friday’s U.S. Presidential debate provides enough material for a Phd or complete series of cartoon books if you prefer, but I will try to deal with it in the necessary perfunctory manner that it actually deserves. As always the real Big News is at the bottom of the page.

Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter sums it all up nicely. I am old enough to remember when Scott was actually the darling of the SCAP (So Called Australian Progressives) media and its correlates worldwide. Gawd, even the 7.30Report under Red Kerry (I hazard a guess from the vestiges of my mind) used to have him on as a reliable and honoured guest. Scott of course these days is a pariah for the international community (read decaying white people countries that govern Empire) for championing outrageously radical things like world peace.

CNN assassinated Joe Biden’s candidacy.

This was a set up from the start.

The Democrats were incapable of terminating Biden.

CNN did the job for them.

The elder abuse has come to an end.

Maybe America can be saved from a commander in chief who long ago lost control of his senses.


The WOSCM (western oligarchic state controlled media) in confirmation of Scott’s post immediately went into the required state of deep panic as soon as the ‘debate’ finished and Biden was lead offstage by his wife Jill. Now it is my view – subject to the disclaimer in the about section of this website -that Scott is probably on the money. This is part and parcel of a slow moving coup by the US Regime to find themselves a candidate that might be able to beat Trump, or at least be able to appear so next November when they hack the electronic voting machines sufficiently to effect the people’s will.

The debate was nothing but pitiful and not for the reasons the WOSCM and the SCAPS that digest it so religously and gullibly would have you believe. Both candidates (and whoever replaces Joe) are as ideologically blind as the other. Both are as out of touch with reality as the other. But for frightening dementia Biden takes the cake. I only hope that Empire will do the right thing when he is replaced and run recordings of Swan Lake on all of the WOSCM outlets for two days just as the old CPSU did when Brezhnev finally moved on to a higher place. The scary thing is that their political and ideological incoherence and idiocy reflects the state of mind of the country and of Empire itself. In the end what they represent and signify is a wild beast that has been for far too long been able to bully and threaten everything in its path, but, now fatally wounded, knows its end is coming. They can sense that their only option, as things continue to decay, is to try and take everything else with it.

There were however some gems, Biden’s clearly dishonest claim to a 6 golf handicap, Biden telling the world that no one thinks ‘we’ (the USofA) are weak, no one screws around with us. Tell that to the Houthis and a few others around the place at the moment. Xi Jinping just sat back and chuckled. Whilst the most articulate man in world politics, according to his spokesperson, was snug in bed not bothering to watch at all.

For shear hypocrisy for me Biden stole the show when he criticised Trump for allegedly supporting torch carrying Nazis with swastika symbols coming out of the forest. This – in the light of his regime arming and inciting torch carrying Nazis coming out of the forests of Donbass with swastika symbols in Ukraine – has to be one of the greatest pieces of cheap political hypocrisy in history. But I am sure the SCAPS and WOSCM slurped it up entirely.

My niece Lala

My niece Lala insisted on having the last word on this farce when she can into show me her new headgear earlier this morning (a subject we will return to below, headgear that is).

Back to bed

I’ve been watching an sorts of things in bed the last month. Following the above m entioned drivel yesterday I came across a documentary (and then more and more) from the 70s on the lost years of Jesus that looks at evidence that Jesus spent time with Hindus and Buddhists. The first thing that came to mind was Gore Vidal’s novel Creation that involves a journey of a man from The Middle East to India and China where he meets Buddha and Lao Tzu amongst others.

As I watched I remembered something that my nei gong teacher Damo said last May when I attended a month long course in Ubud about Eastern influences and phenomena in the Bible stories (see for example this which I came across after that class). I have now compiled a lot of notes on this topic that I am going to bless with you shortly, but the news cycle demands that I keep it for the next post; and do I want to do the story and my own adventures justice.

The documentary goes on to look at the Shroud of Turin and it’s scientific examination that suggests it was created by radiant life forces emanating from the body of Jesus when he was wrapped in the shroud. My mind immediately said “QI” (or Chi to you pre-pinyin types). The discussion continues to give scientific evidence of auras.

This is all new to me in my medically sedated state but truly fascinating after my adventures in to the land of the Gongs: Nei Gong, Qi Gong and Nei Dan. Others might have come across this stuff before, there is a lot of it on YouTube and also some interesting books, commencing with The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovich. From what i have seen so far Notovich’s findings appear to have more credibility that the Novochock story written by MI6 for the WOSCM. But more on that soon.

I thought I should pass it on not only because it is interesting but also because I know this this topic is going to get right up the noses of my evangelical atheist friends and the others who like to float of talking as if all this stuff is so especially spiritual. It has inspired me to build upon things I said in my original post about Daoism and other political philosophy; it’s coming.

The Big News

There was another potential head rubbing incident in the Cronulla Sharks v Canterbury Bulldogs game on Friday night. The referee had his clippers out just in time to make sure when he asked the bunker to review the video for any hint of the dreaded pat on the head. This stuff – the crackdown on hair dressing in Rugby League – is liable to get out of control if the authorities don’t step in and protect our game. patting an opponent on the head when they fuck up is an important facet of League tactics and must be protected at all costs. However, the referee’s intervention did not disrupt this beautiful incident. These are the things that make League the greatest game of all.

To finish off today … well let’s take another opportunity to reflect upon the Leader of the Free World …

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